Mr. Kane

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well and safe. I miss you all and I'm sad that we have to take a break from in-class learning, but this will not stop us from continuing our education that you all deserve.

As of right now, we won't be covering any new topics, just review of things we've already done. I will be posting written answer/discussion/multiple-choice assignments HERE in google classroom for you to do. It is looking like we will be doing 2 assignments a week. 1 due on Wednesday and the other due on Friday. I will be posting your first assignment by the end of the day today (March 23rd)


Please stay safe and do your best to enjoy your time spent in isolation. I know it can get boring, so use this time to learn something new and discover a new hobby!

click on the accurate representation of me during quarantine to access google classroom!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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