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I hope everyone is well! I will be posting all assignments here with updates and links. Please check back frequently for updates on assignments and announcements alongside reminders on the Remind App. Below is the link to the first assignment for the week. This is for all grades 6-12th. If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me via email at sruble@ipakanni.com or on the Remind App. Please let me know if any links are inaccessible or if you have difficulty navigating the links to the assignments. To access the assignment link, select or copy the link and open in a new browser.  Stay positive and keep moving forward!

Module 1 English : Compare and Contrast



High School Art Appreciation

A note to all high school students in Art Appreciation!

I am opening the window for you to receive makeup credit for Art Class during this time. Please look at your grades in PEAK and look at the grades that have missing assignments. To receive credit, complete a drawing, painting, or colored pencil art piece that relates to the themes (e.g pyramids, village house, Alice in Wonderland theme, etc.) and send me a picture of your artwork via email. If you did multiple art pieces at once, please send them in a single email and not individual ones. It will make the grading process much easier. Thank you!

Mr. Ruble's  English

Freckle Codes



7th RUBLE9



10th RUBLE8

11th RUBLE5


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