Safe Start Fall 2020

As we begin the new school year, August 5th, safety is on everyone’s mind. We were all affected by the coronavirus pandemic that closed schools across the nation this past spring.  


The safety of students and staff is one of Ipakanni’s highest priorities. All of us—students, parents, and school employees—have an important role to play in keeping our staff and students safe. 

Parents will be given the following option(s) for their child to begin school in the fall:

  1. Modified schedule -Monday thru Thursday, Friday -All Grades- Distant Learning  

TK/Kindergarten- 8:00-11:30

First/Second Grade/Third- 12:00-3:30

Fourth/Fifth Grade- 8:00-11:30

Sixth Grade- 12:00-3:30

Seventh/Eighth/Ninth Grade- 8:00-11:30

Tenth/Eleventh/Twelfth Grade 12:00-3:30

  2. Distant Learning option -daily contact with teacher and Friday mandatory Zoom meetings


Students’ safety begins at home by establishing a foundation of communication with your children. Parents, talk to your child about the proper outlets for stress, anger, and other emotions, monitor their social media, and engage in dialogue with them if they have concerns regarding COVID-19. Below are a few things to know and share with your child to help keep our school as safe as possible:


  • At this time, all staff and students will be required to wear masks 

  • Hand washing and sanitizing equipment have been added to every classroom

  • Protocol and procedures for arrival and departure including temperature checks will be conducted

  • Child care will be provided if arrangements are made in advance 


Our full reopening plan can be found HERE. We understand that every individual brings their own concerns to the table and that guidance will remain very fluid over the next months as more continues to be learned about COVID-19. Our goal is to ensure equitable access to education for all our students while continuing to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our staff and students.


We appreciate your patience as we move forward. Together, let’s make sure our students are safe, supported, and ready to learn, grow, and thrive. 




Walter Gramps



Ipakanni Early College Charter School (IECCS), is a public TK-12th grade charter school located in downtown Oroville, CA. At IECCS, students will learn to meet the challenges of 21st-century college and career readiness through a multicultural and interdisciplinary educational environment. 


Our students will be:


Critical Thinkers who have the ability to convey ideas; can be understood by a wider audience; contains original, interesting, and/or informative ideas, or content that reveals knowledge beyond self.


Independent Learners who solve problems efficiently, are able to communicate effectively, and appropriately utilize technology.

Globally-Minded Citizens who use their knowledge and unique talents to contribute to their community while demonstrating respect for self and others. 


1459 Downer Street

Oroville, CA 95965 


​Tel: (530)532-1165