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Behavior Standards

Behavior Beliefs

  • Students must be responsible for their own behavior.  Students know the rules and must be accountable for their actions.

  • Teachers have the right to teach without interruption.

  • Students do not have the right to prevent other students from learning and the teacher from teaching.

  • Parents should support the Behavior Standards and Policies, but also feel free to become involved in them and/or make new policy suggestions.


Behavior Standards

  • Students will be respectful to staff, classmates, and visitors.

  • Students will be respectful to the school and classmates property.

  • Students will use respectful and appropriate language at all times.


Examples of Behavior Standards

Students will refrain from...

  • Leaving class without permission

  • Derogatory language  

  • Profanity or vulgarity (i.e. use of the f-word)    

  • Causing damage to the physical environment

  • Unsafe behaviors which could cause injury to self or others

  • Littering and refusing to pick up when asked

  • Behaviors which could interfere with learning new skills               

  • Inappropriate touching  

  • Defiance (i.e. open resistance or bold disobedience)                       

  • Other

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