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primary, middle and high school educational programs

Vision Statement 


Ipakanni Early College Charter School (IECCS) promotes unity between students, families, community, and educators—each of these groups plays an equally crucial role in the ecosystem of student success.  At IECCS, students are not “at risk”; they are “at promise.”  Positive self-concept is only possible when young people feel safe to express their individual creativity without judgment, and this is only sustained when students see themselves as actualized stakeholders in such safety rather than requiring its imposition.  Further, when students graduate, positive self-concept is what fosters life-long learning, proactive community involvement, as well as college and career efficacy.  At IECCS, healthy stewardship of local ecosystems—both human and ecological—will be encouraged, but to reach this, students must first become stewards of themselves.

Our Mission

Inspired by the Native American idea of open engagement with all cultures, Ipakanni Early College Charter School prepares students to meet the challenges of 21st century college and career readiness through a multicultural and interdisciplinary educational environment.

Our Focus

Utilizing small class size to maximize students’ learning strengths and activate their existing knowledge funds to promote their self-concept, both in the classroom and the community.

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