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23/24 Incentive Program

In an ongoing effort to encourage students to invest in themselves, IECCS has created academic, attendance, and behavior incentive programs.  Details on the individual programs are included below.   

Attendance Incentive Program

Students will be rewarded for continuous consecutive days of attendance at school. This program is designed for students to set new goals at any point in the school year. Every month the student is not absent they are entered into a raffle. The following is the type of rewards that:



Ipakanni T-shirt

 Ipakanni Long sleeve shirt


Ipakanni Hoodie

Water Bottle


Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Earbuds

Cozy Blanket


Student of the Month

In addition to our attendance incentive program, IECCS created a program to galvanize positive behavior, self-management skills, parent communication and school citizenship.  On the last Friday of each month, a school assembly will be held honoring Student of the Month selections with parents heartily invited to also attend.  A Student of the Month selection will be made by each teacher and based on each teacher’s discretion; thus, selections made will be based on a variety of performance categories, not solely academics.  For example, a top performing student for a particular month may be a student who shows great improvement or class participation, regardless of their current grade standing.  In addition, a Student of the Month selection could be based on positive peer leadership or other social achievements. Any student receiving a demerit during the month will become ineligible for student selection.

Behavior Incentive Program

A demerit system is in place to ensure behavior standards/policies are being followed. Every month they do not receive a demerit they are entered into a drawing for a chance to win a number of prizes including suckers, gum, cookies, chips, t-shirts, sweatshirts and more. Students MUST arrive on time to receive these daily rewards. Students will have the opportunity to draw for prizes at the Student of the Month Ceremony at the end of each month.

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