Ms. Horton's Quote of the week

Live each day as if anything is possible


Student packages for the week of 4/20-4/24 with  a syllabus that includes complete daily instructions/schedule for completion have been provided in hard copy as well as emailed to your school email accounts.


The grow tower plant photos were emailed to you. Ms. McCarthy and I transported the tower and plants to her deck so that she could assist us with maintaining the Ph and water levels. 

Students will be doing online work, paper/written, google documents and discussions which will take place via Zoom (online link will be sent to student email address on T and Th shortly prior to each scheduled Zoom meeting.)


Meetings will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:00  a.m. 

To all of my students:


I know that this is an uncertain time for you with all that is happening in the world. As we often discuss in class, it is not our life circumstances that determine our lives, but rather, it is our attitudes toward life and its challenges. Stay positive, keep learning and use this time to glean extra knowledge. My expectations for you are the same. That is, they are high as you know that I believe in all of you. The work and effort which you put forth in life helps guide and pave your success​. Keep dreaming, keep working and keep believing!

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