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Welcome to the 2020/2001 School Year!

I cannot wait to see all those smiling faces and begin teaching in the classroom. Although I am very anxious for that moment to come, it may still be some time before it actually happens. 
There are so many wonderful people in this world. Adults have very special jobs and one of those jobs is to keep our young people safe. Sometimes people have different ideas on how to do that but what remains consistent (the same) is that we want what is best for you... our kids. 

Parent support videos:

Videos from online learning:

The below links will be guidance for parents to help them instruct and support their students during distant learning or in-person instruction. 

Note: Homework packets are slightly different this year. However,  teaching strategies are the same.

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Story Book

Math: Counting

School Kids Meditating
Kids' Paintings
Computer desktop
Computer games that I can monitor and track learning from home
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